Wednesday, July 21, 2010




A question asked to us by our teacher in clinical chemistry, so what do you think? are you in favor? kanina while in the class room my friend ask me:

Friend1: Ano favor ka?

Me:(stares at my friend) and say "Dark Mocha Frapp" <-- used to be my favorite order in starbucks.

Friend2: Laughing his A** out. and says to me "BINGE"

Friend1: Engot sabi ko favor kaba sa drug testing before admission!? hindi ko sinabing anong flavor ka!?

Me: ah.. sorry, make it clear, i thought you said "ANONG FLAVOR KA?" hehe..
anyways in my opinion i am NOT IN FAVOR of drug testing before admission.

Friend1 & 2: WHY?

Friend 3: Maybe your taking DRUGS? (laughing)

Me: Tae hindi, it depends naman, for example giving a situation wherein i am taking illegal drugs, and then i want to enter in a university that i know they do drug testing before admission, 1st of all if i already know that the school have that policy, months before ill do some research,some techniques para mag negative ang result and stop temporarily taking of drugs, para sa day ng admission mag negative ang results ng test ko, which mean it is really not effective because i can do something to evade the test. i should suggest that mag lagay nalang sila sa policy ng RANDOM DRUG TESTING after admission nalang, para unpredictable yung test, hindi mo alam kung kelan at kung sino ang itetest.

Friend 2: Actually my point ka..

Friend 4 & 5: Tara DOTA na?

Me: Dapat din ata mag lagay din itong school ng DOTA ADDICTION TESTING BEFORE ADMISSION eh..

haha.. that's all.. thx for reading..

ill go back with listening with nina's wonderful voice and pretty MUSIC. :)

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