Wednesday, June 9, 2010


,. So next week is what my classmates say " the sunog kilay week" don't know why? EXAMS!! who like exams? Like you, me too, but it's the way of evaluating what you have learned in the school so it's part of the school life and it's one of the most important thing that you have to accept. di bale 1 week lang naman kaya yan!! (hope so).

So i would like just to share some tips that students should do before exams:

Read early, review later = done a week before the exams, because when you read something again and again sumasaksak sa kokote mo yung mga info's, parang favorite mong kanta na ulit ulit mong pinapakinggan, diba nakaka retention? yah sige tawa lang., remember "retention is better"

Sana naman applicable sakin eto no? hirap kasi sakin puro ako discrepancy eh, oh smile ka!?? inaamin ko naman eh. hehe sa tingin mo ba anu dapat ko gawin?? share ka naman, comment ka ha? ^^, thx..muahxx hugzzzz..

Anyways, kanina... hindi ko expect na makakasama pala ako sa best bloggers, well sakin kasi after reading the other blogs of my classmates hindi ko na talaga inexpect na makakuha ng award because their blogs are sooooooo good compare to mine, from content to porma grabe I FEEL I'M PANGET na tuloy! hindi na POGI! haha

But anyways i just wanna say a BIG THANK YOU for all those who have voted me and also for those who not ( nakadagdag din naman sila kahit papano) haha. sabi nga ni lebron james nung nanalo sya ng MVP awards, " My name may be put on the front of that trophy, but
these guys have a lot to do with it," so this certificate was not only for me its

for everyone who help me get it, thanks guys..

so hanggang dito nalang muna siguro ang clin.chem break, next time academics na ulit., sige po. tulog nako.. zzzzz


Anonymous said...

,. hi eds, you are one great writer,^^,